Successful digital transformation: open doors for innovative profiles!

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    The job market for executives is good; the numbers of the APEC and the INSEE prove it. The war of talents phenomenon even generates a shortage of candidates for certain types of profiles.

    However, in this economical context that is still morose and tinted with incertitude, the decision makers find it dangerous to take risks, hesitate before creating new positions, multiply their validation processes and search for profiles that are “clone” of those already within their organizations. Seeking resemblance is reassuring, but is it really a good reflex in this time period where the words: disruption, agility and digital culture, have become « buzzwords »?

    Evidently, the ideal candidate does not exist and therefore our target must be protean. Without sketching the exact portrait of the candidate, we observe that « T-Shaped» profiles are high on demand. They are people that are capable of sharing their knowledge to all levels of the organization, while capitalizing their own expertise.

    Organizations need people who know their fields of work, who understand the issues at stake and who have a global vision of things.

    However, in a context of digital transformation and technological disruption, companies need, more than ever, to recruit candidates with an « out of the box » vision, able to provide differentiating experience from the resources already available within their structure.

    The challenge is identifying different profiles that can easily integrate themselves in an existing organization and work conjointly with other fields.


    ARROWMAN Key Insights

    Vincent MONNET reminds directors that the perfect and available candidate, no longer exists, one must know how to innovate in order to recruit. He therefore recommends directors to:

    ♦ Know how to evaluate the responsibility spectrum of profiles that match your expectations for the medium and long term.

    ♦ Emphasize the appropriate competitive advantages of your organization in order to seduce the best candidates.

    ♦ Set up personalized integration and development procedures in order to sustain the champions that you will have recruited within your team.

    Accompaniment can provide you with this expertise and a feedback of experiences in order to optimize your recruitments.

    Finally, Vincent MONNET recommends candidates to remain agile. Beyond this in vogue terminology, we point out the importance of turning your achievements into tools and transformation devices for the company. Identify your highest competencies and those that can be reusable throughout your career. Cultivate your network because recommendations speak louder than CVs for future recruiters.

    Vincent MONNET is a Director at ARROWMAN Executive Search and a Digital & Technologies expert.