Collective Intelligence & Games

Collective intelligence and games: fostering cohesion, collaboration and team commitment.


Ensure that teams are committed to company strategy, developing a collective dynamic.

Our solutions

  • Team analysis (skills, organisation and function)
  • Analysis of perception and commitment (social climate, change management, management)
  • Team assistance (tailored solutions, cohesion, vision, values, etc.) Co-development: leading peer working groups to develop the “collective intelligence” of the Company (leading and training in the process)

Business Case

The Client’s needs :

  • The Managing Director of an industrial SMB established for several decades, raised his concerns in the context of the implementation of a major strategic project requiring collaboration and working in project mode (turnover regulation, absenteeism, disfunctions within the Management Committee).

Our accompaniment approach :

  • Diagnosis based on individual interviews with a quarter of the collaborators (a representative sample) to understand the causes of the dysfunctions.
  • The results were shared with the board members and all of the collaborators who validated the key points of the analysis, the identified axes of improvement and the creation of a prioritized action plan with the collaborators.
  • Accompaniment of the Comex and organization of participative work groups to launch a new internal collaborative approach.
  • Development of new leadership postures by coaching the General Manager and accompanying the Comex (cohesion workshops and the alignment of shared vision, values, working principles and strategic challenges).
Collective Intelligence & Games - Arrowman Executive Search