HR strategy

Audit & HR team support: building HR’s added value.


Assist teams to ensure HR is strategically positioned and provides effective support to the business.

Our solutions

  • Department audit (organisation, skills, practises): compliance, efficiency and strategic positioning of HR
  • Team coaching
  • HR Manager Mentoring

Business Case

The Client’s needs:

  • The HRD of a Midcap retired after a long career within the company. Before possibly replacing the HRD via internal mobility, the Management wanted to get an external viewpoint on the state of the HR function: business skills of the team, relevance of the organization, level of compliance and process efficiency

Our accompaniment approach:

  • A diagnosis was established based on interviews with the Managers and the HR members, an immersion phase with the team and the analysis of the processes.
  • Restitution to the Managers: diagnosis of the level of compliance, process efficiency and strategic positioning of the function; key organizational and competency recommendations, accompaniment in the implementation of the recommendations, particularly concerning the recruitment of the new HRD
HR strategy - Arrowman Executive Search