Life and Health Sciences

Our Expertise

Arrowman Executive Search’s Clients in the Life Sciences and Healthcare sector are companies and industries in the Agri-food, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Agronomy sectors, as well as service companies that provide services to these types of companies.

Given the scarcity of certain skills, Arrowman Executive Search’s scope in this sector begins with a global focus.

Arrowman Executive Search handles strategic and top management recruiting assignments for our Clients, i.e. general management and directorships. Arrowman Executive Search is also known for our excellent understanding of the professions and expertise within our targeted sectors. This is possible thanks to our extensive knowledge of each sector’s environment and development.

By combining sectorial and professional competences, we have organized Arrowman Executive Search in such a way as to provide our clients with results most adapted to their search.
This range of expertise ensures that we can perform a targeted approach per sector.

In addition, since we have chosen to operate in specific functions our extensive knowledge widens up our approach to identify talent from other sectors whose experience and skills are relevant and transferable to our Clients’ environment.
This innovative approach is a true added value for companies whose objective is to change their economic, organisational or cultural model.

Our Leadership

Marie Jo Villegas is Director of the Health and Life Sciences Division.
She has led this division since Arrowman Executive Search was founded in 2004.

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