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Alexis Brodsky, Associate Director of Arrowman Executive Search, is responsible for the Industry & Services Division.

The Industry & Services division deals with Process Industries (chemicals, plastics, metallurgy, paper, cardboard, glass, etc.), the Automotive Industry, Aeronautics, Industrial Equipment (robotics, automation, special machinery, electrical equipment, etc.), Construction Materials, HVAC, Connectors and Electronics, as well as B2B Distribution.
With more than 20 years of experience in Executive Search and HR consulting, Alexis accompanies many companies (large groups, SMBs and SME/SMIs) – over the long term – as they develop and the build their teams in France and around the world.
Alexis primarily specializes in C-level positions (General Management, CEO, COO, COO, CBDO, CFO, etc.), as well as operational positions (R&D, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing, etc.) and back-office positions (Finance, HR, Quality, Purchasing, etc.).
He is also in charge of the firm’s international development through the L&L Advisory Group. Arrowman Executive Search is one of the founders of this company, which unites and federates partnering firms throughout the world: Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, China, etc.
Alexis has dedicated his entire career to Executive Search and HR Consulting, with a focus from the outset on the industrial sector. Alexis holds a DESS (Post-Graduate Diploma) in Psychology from the University of Paris V – René Descartes.
Alexis Brodsky is trilingual and oversees international projects.


Industry and International

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Alexis BRODSKY - Arrowman Executive Search