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Vincent MONNET

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C’est l’un des profils les plus convoités dans le domaine de la Tech. Le Chief Technology Officer – directeur technique en …

(Français) - Le nouveau rôle du DSI

The challenges of the CIO, beyond the digital transformation, are no longer the same. Before, the CIO’s role was to control the information system and be the authorizing operator of technologies for internal use, he is now confronted with complex problems that are related to business functions and customers’ needs, in a context of internationalization […]

(Français) - Start-ups

Whether they are Bio-Tech, Fin-Tech, Legal-Tech, Green-Tech, technology is the common point of all start-ups. Crucial for their development, technology will be one of their main challenges throughout the growth of these organizations.  In order to seduce their users, to meet security constraints and to develop their activities, these companies must have efficient technical solutions. […]

(Français) - Personal Branding du meilleur candidat 3.0 : à vos marques !

Make no mistake; candidates have become products just like all the others, particularly during the 3.0 era.  During this ultra-digitalization era, you have become the first resource on the market. This is why it is important to know how to make yourself visible and to activate the right levers in order to have the keys […]

(Français) - Réussir sa transformation digitale : ouvrez la porte aux profils innovants !

The job market for executives is good; the numbers of the APEC and the INSEE prove it. The war of talents phenomenon even generates a shortage of candidates for certain types of profiles. However, in this economical context that is still morose and tinted with incertitude, the decision makers find it dangerous to take risks, […]

Recrutement d’un CTO : osez sortir des sentiers battus ! - Arrowman Executive Search