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Marie-Jo Villegas

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(Français) - Création de postes en innovation dans le secteur des agro-industries

Businesses in the field of agro-industries are rapidly growing and have no intentions on slowing down! As shown by their investment strategies on the questions of innovation and R&D. Often leaders on mature markets, the groups have been focusing more than ever on the development of new projects, new applications but also on new markets […]

(Français) - Médecine personnalisée

The health sector has not escaped from the digital transition. 3D Printer, Big data, connected objects (IOT), Nano & medical biotechnologies are now in the daily lives of industrials in this sector. More than a phenomenon, these pharmaceutical groups and the stakeholders of this ecosystem are the beginning of a new era of personalized medicine. […]

Creation of positions in innovation in the field of agro-industries - Arrowman Executive Search