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Philippe Millot

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(Français) - Attractivité des ETI auprès des cadres expérimentés issus de grands groupes: une progression très sensible !

Over the last ten years, we have observed candidates regaining interest in Mid-Caps. Several factors explain this progression.     ? The brand image of Mid-Caps has improved and the regular communication to the media regarding their growth potential makes them very attractive.    ? Stability and long term vision is a strong argument for Mid-Caps […]

(Français) - Transmission et renouvellement managérial au sein des ETI patrimoniales

With nearly 3500 patrimonial or family businesses, France has an excellent lever for innovation and economic performance. However, these very specific companies (in terms of values, long-term vision and entrepreneurial culture…) are regularly confronted with crises of governance and succession. Our medium size enterprises (MSE), although performing in France and abroad, have a higher failure […]

The 3500 Mid-Caps and Family Owned Companies play a vital role in the French economy. Thanks to their long-term vision, they sustain their economic cycles and invest durably. They contribute to innovation, creation of value and employment in our country.   How do Mid-Caps approach the digital transformation of the economy? ARROWMAN Executive Search, who […]

Attractiveness of Mid-Caps for experimented executives from large groups: a significant progression ! - Arrowman Executive Search