Lense & Lumen Advisory Group

  • 30 Mar. 2017

L&L Advisory Group


We are proud to announce the foundation of Lense & Lumen Advisory Group AG.


LL_RVB jpg 72-20Lense & Lumen Advisory Group is co-owned by 5 independent European Executive Search & HR Consultancy firms that have decided to join their talents and expertise in order to create a new international organization.

Our five firms have been working together for many years, leading searches for C-level positions and accompanying companies in their international expansion.


We have decided to reinforce this cooperation by pooling our means and processes, and by sharing experience, know-how and best practices to provide high-level services to our clients.
Currently active in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany and Switzerland, Lense & Lumen Advisory Group is a network that is already made up of a hundred professionals; our goal is to expand over the next few months to enlarge our international coverage.
Through its 5 founding companies that remain independent, Lense & Lumen Advisory Group will provide seamless Executive Search and HR & Leadership Consulting services.

We will lead this project in a strong professional and ambitious spirit!

For more information, please contact us or visit our website on

Maija Talvinen-Strengell, Managing Director & Founder of Wilma Consulting (Helsinki)
Jean-Michel Fürst, Founder & Managing Director of De Bord International (Zurich)
Karl Kristian Hansen, Managing Director & Co-Owner of Hansen Toft (Copenhagen)
Steen Skovgaard, Partner & Co-Owner of Hansen Toft (Copenhagen)
Heinrich Schaible, Managing Director of Dr. Maier + Partner GmbH (Stuttgart)
Jean-Pierre Scandella, Founder & Managing Director of ARROWMAN Executive Search (Paris)
Alexis Brodsky, Partner of ARROWMAN Executive Search (Paris).


   Wilma Consulting


          De Bord International


               Hansen Toft


Dr. Maier + Partner

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