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Alexis Brodsky

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(Français) - Le packaging : un outil Marketing porteur de valeurs et valorisation

The way we consume is directly related to our interaction with brands, images, values and the imaginary side that they convey and to which we adhere and identify ourselves. The act of buying is of course conditioned by the product itself, its intrinsic qualities and, of course, its price. But in this decision to buy, […]

(Français) - Quand la géopolitique influence le recrutement !

Historical geopolitical event, the end of the imposed sanctions against Tehran foreshadows a rapid recovery for commercial activity with Iran. Indeed, the upcoming removal of the Iranian embargo leads many companies to consider – or to actively prepare – their return or implantation in this country that has been deserted for these last few years, […]

- Automotive suppliers : from electric vehicle to shared economy

The development of the electric vehicle and the arrival of the autonomous vehicle mark a revolution that not only impacts car manufacturers but also automotive suppliers.

French and Chinese consultants - First L&L French / Chinese business meeting held in Paris !

On October 12th, 2018, we welcomed in our office in Paris, Thaddaeus Mueller and Marshall Chen from Fiducia, our new L&L Advisory Group Chinese Partner, for a first business meeting.    Our goal is to provide consistent and relevant support to our clients for the development of their teams in China and in the rest […]

(Français) - Newsletter de Mars 2015

  ARROWMAN Executive Search celebrates 11 years!

Packaging: A Marketing tool bearer of values and valuation - Arrowman Executive Search