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Benoit Andrade

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(Français) - Cyber-sécurité : DG vous pouvez passer par la case prison !

Although connected objects are not yet subject to specific regulations regarding personal data and security management, they induce growing concerns.  As confirmed by Stéphane Grégoire, Head of Economic Affairs of the CNIL, during the MEDEF conference on the morning of April 12th 2016, on the theme of connected objects, reporting an increase of 36% of the […]


Tonight ARROWMAN Executive Search has the pleasure of bringing together IOT players in a convivial way. At the heart of our firms expertise, the “Technologies & IOT” represent one of the major challenges facing the Industry. Technological and strategic sectors and industries have been disrupted by the creation of this new ecosystem. Companies see their […]

(Français) - Foisonnement de l’IOT

Although connected objects are making a buzz and most large groups invest a lot in this domain, the revolution, as far as the general public goes, has not quite gone off yet. While waiting for the announced perspectives, the IOT is showing substantial progress on industrial issues. At the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution, […]


The Internet Of Things, sometimes considered as the 3rd Web revolution, is at the heart of the digital transformation and is very challenging for business. Benoit ANDRADE explains the beginnings and the reasons behind IOTs current boom. Launched in 2005, this rabbit, connected to the Internet, emits signals, spreads music and reads e-mails out loud. […]

(Français) Smart manufacturing - SMART INDUSTRIE


24 September 2018

The French industry will not be uberized. The 4th industrial revolution has already begun. We are not facing a disruptive revolution as expected, but a gradual transition to new industrial processes and collaborative modes.  The trend is discrete yet deep. The digitalization of manufacturing tools is under way, accompanied by experts that are particularly agile […]

smart industry - L'IOT connecte tout le monde

Entretien avec Benoît Andrade, Directeur-Associé du Cabinet Arrowman Executive Search Propos recueillis par Olivier Durand L’IoT connecte le monde !   Les objets connectés se déploient dans tous les secteurs.  Ils concernent aussi bien le monde de l’industrie que les biens destinés aux particuliers. Les chiffres en témoignent, selon le Cabinet Gartner, il y avait 20 […]

smart industry - L'IOT connecte tout le monde

Interview with Benoît Andrade, Managing Partner of Arrowman Executive Search Interview by Olivier Durand Connected objects are being deployed in every sector. Not only in the world of manufacturing, but also in FMCG. Figures attest to this, according to Gartner’s survey, there were 20 billion connected objects in 2017, and there will be 75 billion […]

Security: a strategic challenge for IOT - Arrowman Executive Search